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Nano Infusion Facial


Everything you need to know about our Nano Infusion Facial!

Introducing Nano-Needling, the younger (hotter) version of its older more intense sibling, Micro-Needling! 

This treatment delivers serum into the skin, increasing the effectiveness and absorption of the product. Unlike Mirco-Needling, Nano-Needling can be used on your lips too and with out all the numbness.

That's right, your one step closer to that perfect, plump pout!

What is Nano-Needling??

  • Less invasive than microneedling
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth - bye-bye laugh lines and crows feet
  • No numbing cream needed
  • Can be used on the lips! 
  • Increased effectiveness of customized serum - penetrates deeper into the skin.