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Cru Day Spa

Aqua Boost Facial Models Needed


Aqua Boost Facial
2 in 1 Deep Cleansing // Skin Exfoliation
Serum Infusing
The Ultimate Skin Exfoliation, Hydration and Deep Cleansing Experience!

We're looking for models to try our newest facial launching April.Our hydradermabrasion does an amazing job of exfoliating and cleansing your skin while the dead skin cells are suctioned from your face. You will end up with a renewed layer of skin with anti-aging serums will then be massaged into the surface of your skin. 


You can expect no downtime with the Aqua Boost 2 in 1. This gentle treatment works powerfully on your face without damaging the surface of your skin. You can go about your day (and even wear makeup) after having this treatment.

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$65 Models (Value of $120)