Mix & Match 3 Specialty Facials

12 Days Of Christmas

Choose from 3 specialty facials: Polish Me Young, Calm Me Down, Brighten Me Up!

Brighten Me Up Facial

This treatment brightens and lightens dark spots and sun damages.
Lighten with our dual action scrub which uses salts of the Dead Sea and charcoal. A powerful Blackhead remover to bring you a flawless complexion alongside Vitamin C serum to brighten and fight sun damage.

Polish Me Young Facial

Plump and improve elasticity with anti-aging serums. Enjoy restructuring massage
techniques to help release tension in the face muscles for the ultimate in skin therapy.

Calm Me Down Facial

Sensitive skin no worries. Our Calm Me Down Facial is designed to soothes and replenishes sensitive skin. It gently exfoliate, cools and calms your skin while maintaining hydration feeling fresh and renewed.

Mix + Match

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