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October 22, 2018 2 min read

My Experience At Cru Day Spa

By: Dessert For Brunch


If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I just got a facial at Crú Day Spa just a few weeks ago & let me just say it was AMAZING. Definitely the best facial I’ve ever gotten. From the minute you walk into their facility you’re welcomed by the sweetest girls. After signing in you wait in their relaxing room where the lights are dimmed low, soft music is playing and the sound of a waterfall is happening all while enjoying a beverage of your choice. After filling out my in-depth skin analysis to help my esthetician know my skin a bit better and be able to make my facial customized, I was taken into a room where I changed in their robe & slippers. After that was facial time! I got the Crú Organic Facial which typically runs at $99 for guests and $59 if you’re apart of their Crú Club. It starts with a deep cleansing then tailored exfoliation all while having steam open your pores. Next are the painless extractions. And they really are painless. I’ve had extractions before from other places where I leave and my face is literally swollen for weeks but not at Crú Day Spa! After you’ll feel a face lifting massage, masque, serums, toning, and intense moisturizing. They even treat you to a message on your shoulder, arms and hands while the masque sits. It was THE BEST. My esthetician Destiny did a phenomenal job and I can honestly say my face was glowing by the time I left. Down below you’ll see a picture of me in makeup and you can see how smooth my skin looks just days after my facial. Facials assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, alleviates redness and sensitivity, visible signs of aging, moisturizes skin and reduces breakouts and blemishes. If you know me, you know I am prone to acne. It’s something I’ve always had to deal with unfortunately but after getting this facial I was able to see how smooth my skin was after and how my texture wasn’t as visible as before. What I love about Crú Day Spa is that all their products can be bought there. They use their own line which is called Crú Organics. And if you aren’t interested in a facial, they offer other services! From body scrubs, wraps, lash lifts & or extensions, massages, spa parties & more!
If you’re in the Houston area in need of a spa day, I totally recommend Crú Day Spa! You can follow them on Instagram here or check out their website here. And if you want to see more behind the scenes on my day there, go to my Instagram here & check out my stories under Skincare. Let them know I sent ya!
Xx, Es <3

Where: Cru Day Spa
Address: 11134 Highway 6 South Sugar Land TX 77498
Phone number: (832) 770-9454
Esthetician: Destiny


Fadwa Abuata
Fadwa Abuata

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